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Thank you for watching the Safe Sanctuaries Training Video.  The following is the required knowledge based quiz which ensures that your toolbox has all of the tools needed to keep yourself as well as the populations that we serve safe.

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The purpose of our Safe Sanctuaries Policy:

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True or False: A Vulnerable Adult refers to ANY person who is 18 years old or older who is substantially impaired in the ability to provide adequately for independent care or custody of themselves.

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What’s the difference between a director and an adult leader?

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What’s the “4 Year Rule”?

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True or False: Individuals who are married or related are allowed to serve as co-leaders.

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What’s the “2 Adult Rule”?

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When is it appropriate for an adult to be alone with a child?
(Check all that apply)

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True or False: Adults can have one-on-one communication with children or youth digitally.

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What counts as an “inappropriate use” of a smartphone?
(Check all that apply)

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What forms of discipline are unacceptable when dealing with children or youth?
(Check all that apply)

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Abuse can take the following forms: ________________________, ________________________,

____________________, and _________________________.

(Check all that apply)

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Who should report the abuse of a child?

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Which of the following ways are appropriate to escort a child (not nursery age) to the bathroom?

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If you witness someone a child or youth inappropriately in any way in one of our programs, you should:

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Which of the following types of physical touch are appropriate when interacting with children or youth? (Check all that apply)

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